Water Filter

Filtered aqua jet filling glass closeup. Clear water flowing inside vessel

Water Filter

In its purest form, water can have a nourishing and healing effect on our lives. However it is a known fact that regular Sydney tap water can contain pollutants and pesticides that are harmful to our health.

Clean drinking water is especially important for the developing immune systems of young children, so why would any household in Sydney want anything other than clean, refreshing, filtered water streaming from their taps this summer?

Water filter systems not only provide superior tasting water to standard tap water – they are also a more cost effective long-term option to purchasing bottled water.

Most North Shore residents are savvy when it comes to their health, and care about the wellbeing of their friends and family. If you want to be proactive about the health of your loved ones – just call My Sydney plumbing. Our professional team of accredited master plumbers are available for all types of water filter installations, including:

  • Doulton twin undersink water filter
  • Counter top filters
  • Whole house filters
  • Purity reverse osmosis systems


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